Double Your Gifts with Conversion Optimization

Double Your Gifts with Conversion Optimization by Michael Bendit

{3:10 minutes to read} My girlfriend is half Jewish, half Protestant and raised her kids Catholic. I told her that she should be getting double the number of gifts every holiday season. In other words, she should practice “conversion optimization.”

Digital Conversion Optimization is a gift we can give ourselves, without suffering through a religious conversion.

My last two blog posts focused on techniques for efficiently targeting the right audience and getting people to visit a website. Yet, a digital marketer hasn’t done his job until he is able to convert those visitors into customers, or, at least, prospects.

This is why savvy search specialists, such as NYC SEM, help clients with both search AND conversion optimization. For one client in the pension and personal asset management business, NYC SEM nearly doubled their conversion rate (from 0.6% to 1.1%) through a combination of highly targeted ads and equally compelling landing pages.

The landing page is your company’s first impression for every new online prospect – and the quality of that page may be the most important factor in maximizing your conversion rate.

According to WiderFunnel, a Vancouver-based digital marketing agency, the quality of a landing page can be measured along the following six dimensions which together, provide conversion LIFT:

Double Your Gifts with Conversion Optimization by Michael Bendit

1. Value Proposition: Are you offering something of real, discernable value?

2. Relevance: Is your value proposition particularly relevant to the prospect?

3. Clarity: Is the value proposition easy to understand and is your call to action obvious and simple?

4. Urgency: Does your landing page encourage immediate action?

5. Anxiety (conversion inhibitor): Does your page allay concerns that might scare your prospects away?

6. Distraction (conversion inhibitor): Does your page have too many diversions that could interfere with your conversion objective?

For some great ideas on how to turn your landing page into a conversion machine, take a look at the smartly designed landing pages highlighted in Ginny Sosky’s January 2015 blog post 15 of the Best Landing Page Design Examples You Need to See.

Although well-designed landing pages are more likely to hook your prospect, you still need to reel them in. Depending on your business model, this could mean a direct path to your shopping cart, or months of lead nurturing to convert prospects into customers. I’ll delve into that a little more in my next blog post on marketing automation.

How would you use digital conversion optimization to turn website visitors into valuable customers?

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