Does it cost more to work through SDR versus directly with the development team?

No. Our fees are covered by our development partners—not by our clients or marketing/design agencies.

Why would we work with a firm that focuses on software and programming, when we also require design?

Through our extensive network of designers we can help with your visual creative needs as well. We’ll match you with one that has on-point experience, and can design to match your aesthetics.

Will we own the new software when our project is complete?

Yes. You will own full usage rights to any software that our teams create for you. We simply retain the right to reuse any custom-developed code. This will not affect the distinctiveness of your website or other finished project; it just makes our services cost-effective for everyone involved.

How do you match us with your development teams?

That’s both an art and a science. We match your needs with our teams’ skills, experience, pricing, and other distinctive characteristics.

Where are your programmers based? Are they in the U.S., or off-shore?

It depends. Some of our developers are based in the United States and some are off-shore. Of course, you have the final decision whether to work with an onshore or overseas team.

Will we be signing a services agreement with SDR or with one of your development companies?

Your services agreement will be with the software development company that we’ve selected together for your project. You’ll pay that company directly—not SDR.

Okay. You’re hired! What’s SDR’s involvement after our project kicks off?

You’re in great hands with your new development team. You’ll get a project manager that will work with you over the course of the engagement: defining requirements, meeting milestones, and troubleshooting as need be. SDR will continue to serve as your advisor and advocate ensuring your ongoing satisfaction.

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