Watson Adventures Mobile Scavenger Hunt

Project Description

Since its founding in 1999, Watson Adventures has delighted over 200,000 participants with fun and quirky scavenger hunts that transform museum visits and neighborhood tours into team building adventures. When Bret Watson, company founder and lead game designer, needed to make his mobile application accessible from more devices, he came to Software Development Resources for help.

Watson’s iPhone application was well received but couldn’t serve a majority of its clients – those with Android or Windows smart phones and tablets. Should the company port the iPhone application to these other platforms, or build a web application that would run on any mobile browser?

Drawing on the expertise of two different development teams, Software Development Resources compared the options and recommended a single mobile web application that would be less costly to build and maintain than applications created for each of several mobile operating systems. With the help of the latest web technology, HTML5, we were able to meet Watson’s requirement that the application continue running even if the device lost internet connectivity, a common situation for indoor scavenger hunts.

Client: Watson Adventures

Development Team: NG

Categories: Custom Application, Mobile

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