Backend languages: Java, PHP, C#, Ruby, Python, Perl, Node JS, C, Swift, R, SQL

Frontend languages: HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, XML, VBScript, Actionscript, 3.js

Native languages: Swift, Objective C, Java, .NET

Frameworks: GWT, Spring, .NET, Ajax, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Django, jQuery, Meteor.js, Ruby on Rails, Xmarin, PhoneGap, Appcelerator

Databases: Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Platforms: Drupal, Magento, WordPress,, Hadoop, Unity 3D, WebGL

Operating Systems: Unix, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android

When a global cosmetics brand launched a new line of eye shadow, it turned to one of our development teams to bring it to life on Facebook. Customers could upload their photos, and virtually “apply” eye shadow to their heart’s content. Did sales shoot up? You bet.

When a well-known sporting goods chain held a nationwide sweepstakes, our developers integrated it flawlessly with Foursquare. Not only did the implementation exceed all contest regulatory requirements, it was also an unmitigated market success.

Delivering a hit digital product is only one part of our solutions. We are committed to your long-term success. Case in point: We never use obscure/proprietary platforms that can lock you into one vendor. Instead, your software is built with the most widely deployed tools and programming languages that other developers, including your own, can understand, alter, and update for years to come.

Digital solutions for your most ambitious marketing and product strategies: that’s what we’re about. We cut through the tech talk to understand your needs. Then we remove the guesswork by crafting a clear statement of work and build a customized team to meet your expectations head-on.

Do you have important marketing content sitting in someone’s email inbox, awaiting approval? Are your writers and editors stymied by outdated and kludgy systems? Would it help if your website content could also be used to compile an effective proposal—largely on its own?

Content Management Systems (CMS) don’t have to be mere publication engines. A CMS can actually superpower your business model: automating processes, streamlining workflow, and routing information precisely where it needs to go.

What’s more, our software teams specialize in delivering responsive design—eliminating the need for a separate website for each mobile environment.

Punch in your cocktail craving, and find a local bar that excels in mixing it. Locate a nearby limo or shuttle—and preview both arrival times and fees. Get your teenager to learn fractions and algebra, and bone up for the college entrance exams.

These days, there’s no limit to what you can do on a mobile smartphone or tablet PC.  Let us turn your great mobile app idea into reality.

Our mobile partners have built hundreds of mobile applications, enabling thousands of functions from business productivity to consumer entertainment. But they get as excited about every new application as kids on Christmas morning.

Maybe your product views need to rotate, or zoom in close to spotlight quality stitching. Perhaps shoppers want to preview different colors and models, or tell a Facebook group about their unobtainable Uggs.

At SDR, we take your online sales strategy—and bring it to vivid life.

You see, an effective eCommerce site doesn’t just take orders. It cultivates a growing fan base, using an interface that’s simple, intuitive, and inviting. On the back end, it tracks granular metrics, and keeps inventory and pricing precise and current. A well developed site can inform customers, prospect for new ones, and route any issues to the people that can actually fix them…and learn from the experience.

The developers we represent do all of the above. As with CMS/websites, our vendors also specialize in delivering responsive design—eliminating the need for a separate e-Commerce site for different mobile environments.

Facebook. Foursquare. LinkedIn. Pinterest.

More than simple coding, these social media sites (and many more) dictate their programming environments, involving micro-specific rules, complex protocols, and head-spinning changes. The developers we represent work comfortably within each of these environments to make your social media application sing — come hell or high water.

Need an application that raises user engagement to new levels, and then brings your fans back for more? Want to link together your social media sites to update content across multiple channels—at the touch of a button? How about aggregating customer feedback, and automatically routing to the right people, so they can respond in a timely and meaningful way?

These are just some of our social media programming capabilities.

Are you an entrepreneur with a great idea that needs an experienced technical team to make it a reality? Maybe your company’s in-house programmers can’t start on your project for six months, long after your competitors launch their own versions. In this world of instant gratification, your customers won’t wait. So why should you?

If your custom application needs to be done soon and done right, we have the skilled resources to make it happen. That’s why an emergency response network hired one of our teams to build an intranet mapping application to help call center operators quickly find and contact the closest rescue squad. It’s also why one of the leading anti-virus vendors turned to an SDR team to implement a core product on the Mac OS.

Whether building new products or enhancing their teams with skilled resources, businesses from startups to Fortune 500s rely on SDR for custom solutions—be it on the web, desktop and/or mobile devices.

Short on skilled programmers?  What if you could expand your software development team with another 3 to 6, or more talented programmers in as many weeks without paying exorbitant recruiting fees or pouring through hundreds of resumes, followed by hours of interviewing?

Would it be helpful to have highly skilled developers who don’t quit after five months to join the next hot startup?    If one of your new hires just wasn’t working out like you hoped, would you like to be able to replace him/her with a better fit in as little as one week?

SDRI can deliver all of this through off shore and near shore (South America based) staff augmentation.  Our development teams have an average of over 5 years of experience across a broad range of programming frameworks and languages including: .NET, Java, Ruby, PHP and C++.   We also have teams that specialize in various forms of agile development, test automation and manual quality assurance.  Of course, all of our teams come with a project lead/manager who takes full responsibility for the team’s success and serves as the focal point for all client interactions.

Perhaps best of all, our staff augmentation programs usually save our clients between 40% and 60% in personnel costs and associated overhead.

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